Thomas C. Howerton, PhD

Franklin Pierce Law Center-Concord, N.H., J.D., 2001
University of Colorado-Boulder, Ph.D., Pharmacology, 1981
University of Colorado, B.A., Molecular Biology/Ecology, 1975

Professional Experience
Associate, Medlen & Carroll, LLP, 2001-Present
Law Clerk, Medlen & Carroll, LLP, 1999-2001
Senior Scientist, Lockheed-Martin Engineering & Sciences Company, NASA Ames Research Center, 1990-1999
Research Scientist, Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Center, Bethesda, MD. 1987-1990
Research Scientist, Systems Research Laboratories, School of Aerospace Engineering, Brooks Air Force Base, 1986-1987
National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow, NASA Johnson Space Center, 1983-1986
Visiting Scientist, University of Kansas, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, 1981-1983

Biotechnology Patent Prosecution

State Bar of Colorado, 2003
United States Patent and Trademark Office, 2001

Representative Publications
"Ethanol-induced inhibition of GABA release from LS and SS mouse brain slices," Alcohol, 1(6):471-7 (1984).

"A genetic analysis of ethanol, pentobarbital, and methyprylon sleep-time response," Alcohol Clin Exp Res., 8(6):546-50 (1984).

"Effects of ethanol and salsolinol on catecholamine function in LS and SS mice," Pharmacol Biochem Behav., 20(1):125-31 (1984).

"Ethanol-induced inhibition of norepinephrine release from brain slices obtained from LS and SS mice,“ Alcohol, 1(1):47-53 (1984).

"Lipid solubility is correlated with hypnotic and hypothermic responses of long-sleep (LS) and short-sleep (SS) mice to various depressant drugs," J Pharmacol Exp Ther., 227(2):389-93(1983).

"Antagonism of alcohol hypnosis by blockade of prostaglandin synthesis and activity: genotype and time course effects," Pharmacol Biochem Behav,. 19(1):131-6 (1983).

"Differential effects of long-chain alcohols in long- and short-sleep mice," Psychopharmacology, 79(4):313-7 (1983).

"Effects of pentobarbital in mice selected for differential sensitivity to ethanol," Pharmacol Biochem Behav., 17(2):245-8 (1982).

Representative Cases
Promega Corp. v. Life Technologies Corp., No. 10-cv-281 (W.D. Wis. Feb. 16, 2012) (jury award of $52 million to client Promega Corporation)

Research Society on Alcoholism, Aerospace Medical Association.

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